Gen-X Tech Data Intelligence and Insight Solution helps you to achieve data intelligence across the whole data lifecycle using various data science, big data, data mining, data analysis, artificial intelligence and data virtualisation technologies.

Data Modelling

Data Collection

Cleansing and Scandalisation

Data Store and Sync with APIs

Data Analytics

Data Insight

Archiving and Destroying

Case Study

Eagleplus – Full Lifecycle Data Intelligence


Cryptocurrency Insight

Company Insight

People Insight

Market Feeds Insight

Risks Insight

Messages and Alerts


Data Modelling

Data Entity

Semantic Relationships

Data Collections

Data Discover and Paths

Mining and Crawling

Data Stores

High-dimension Data Store

Document and Graph Data Store

Analytics and Insight

Analytics and Virtualisation

Risk Insight and Alerts

Data Management

Data and Management Reports

Data Renew and Monitoring

Archiving and Destroying

Data Archiving

Data Destroying

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