Property Tokens Exchange Platform

GBT-X is committed to using the leading  Blockchain Technologies to establish a real-time Fragmental and Decentralized Real Estate Token Trading Platform.

GBT-X turns the traditional real estate investment with problems of Poor in Liquidity, Low Frequency, High Threshold, Complicated Transaction and Inflexibility into a new and unique 7*24, Fast In/Out, High Frequency, Low in Unit Price, Easy to Use, with Flexible Investment Strategies online real estate investment and exchange platform for everyone.

The Full Life-cycle Management for Property Token Exchanges

Self-service Token Lodgement

Due Diligence and Valuation

Property Token and Smart Contract

Listing and Trading Property Token

Value Change

Claim Ownership and Un-listing

With Support Functions, Include:

Property Eco-system
Analytics and Insight
Trends and Prediction

GBT-X Property Tokens Exchange Platform

Pain Points of Traditional Market

Property Investment requires a lot of money. This High Threshold for funding discourages potential investors regardless they are optimistic about property investment.

The existing property investors are Unable to Have a Flexible Investment Strategy to use their limited funds for property investment. Each investment is a long and difficult decision.

In the traditional centralized real estate sales, the sales agencies manage the trades on behalf of the property investors. The price negotiation is Not Transparent to the property investors, who will not have a correct insight to adjust the price along with the changing market in time.

In the traditional property market, the trading cycle for a property from buying to selling is Poor Liquidity, which takes a very long period, with a lot of additional costs and constrains.

In the traditional property market, each trading of a property Has to Be a Single Unit. Selling a property over a challenging market period may bring a huge investment lost.

GBT-X Resolutions

Instead of trading a property as a single unit, GBT-X transforms the single unit into a fixed number of digital bricks and each values a small amount of capital for more types of investors to enter into the property market.

For a same amount of funds, the property investors can flexibly split the funds for many properties at a same time. With a right investment strategy, a property investor can constantly switch their funds across different properties for maximal returns.

GBT-X transforms the traditional centralized property sales model into a new model, similar to the stock markets. The price of each digital brick is determined by the free market of all platform users based on the real market changes.

Using the GBT-X platform, each digital brick can be traded many times within a short period of time. The trading cycle is faster, simpler and much more flexible.         

Using the GBT-X platform, property investors can make the partially sales at different price at different time to avoid the investment lost due to make a whole sale once over a downturn property market.

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