Reusable rapid web and mobile application development framework to minimize the development time

Modern user interface and experience powered by React & React Native

Build-in pluggable function components

All API based backend

Fast external system integrations with reusable adapters

One development of mobile app development for both Android and iOS

Embedded with BPM, workflow, API, Analytics, IDM, ML, etc. capability to boost your ideas

Out-of-box automated API testing and CICD frameworks for easy management

Enable daily builds like all software pros

Lightweight, can run on 2G RAM laptop

Entirely using free-tiers to save your infrastructure and license costs

Container based, ready for all clouds (e.g. Amazon, Google Cloud, Ali Cloud, Digital Ocean, Azure, etc)

High in performance with multiple-layers of cache

Out-of-box messaging and data pipeline

Easily scale up/down

Single major program language, Java script (some Python) with a large programmer community

Rapid-X Technical Architecture

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